What can you carve with a Dremel?

Would you like to create something beautiful and handcrafted, either for yourself or as a gift?

What we will look at here is a selection of Dremel projects, which are all very exciting because there is a huge range of different things you can create.

For those of you that might not know, a Dremel is a hand powered tool with different tips, that is mostly used for craft purposes, such as carving, etching and sanding small items.

A Dremel can be found at any hardware store and you can mix and match the tips to carve rocks, wood, and other mediums. If you’ve just received your first Dremel, try out some of these super cool Dremel projects to break it in. Have fun!


1. Leather Bracelet

You can definitely carve a strip of leather with your Dremel, which allows you to make this fantastic and stylish Bracelet, which happens to be one of my favorite Dremel projects.

2. DIY Knobs

The sanding tool that comes with your Dremel is the perfect choice for making outstanding knobs for your cabinets, dresser, or other drawers.

3. Sea Glass Earrings

Using the tiny drill bit on your Dremel, you can create small holes in bits of sea glass and turn them into costumized earrings that are stylish and go with anything in your closet.

4. Custom Easter Eggs

When Easter rolls around again, one of the best Dremel projects is to use the various bits to carve intricately patterned eggs. You can paint them and display them to celebrate the holiday in style.

5. Rock Necklace

Carving rocks is one of the coolest things you can do with your Dremel and this stone necklace lets you showcase your skills in the best way.

6. Etched Glasses

Once you’ve honed your skills at making Dremel projects, these etched glasses are a great way to prove you’ve got it figured out. These make great gifts!

7. Leaf Sconces

Woodworking is one of the best projects to do with your Dremel and these leaf scones are great for lighting up your living spaces.

8. Pumpkin Carvings

Next time fall is in the air, use your Dremel to create one of a kind Jack-o-Lanterns that will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

9. Giant Script Name

When it comes to Dremel projects, this wooden name is really fun to give to a baby or child. Simply carve out the name, paint it your chosen color and hang it on the wall. Easy, right?

10. Carved Nightstand

Bring new life to an old piece of furniture by using your Dremel to carve its surfaces. This flowery nightstand is perfect for your bedroom.

11. Yard Dice

These yard dice are one of the easiest Dremel projects that you can make. Simply carve circles into wooden cubes and stain them as you see fit. What fun!

12. Carved Wooden Dragon

This is one of the more advanced Dremel projects, but a wooden dragon is fun for someone who has some experience. It only takes a few hours and is a fun item to display in your home.

13. Carved Rocks

These carved rocks make great decorations in potted plants, but you can also string them on a cord and turn them into a necklace.

14. Welcome Farmhouse Sign

Don’t you just love how this wooden sign looks? It’s perfect to go with your country’s chic decor and is simple to make using your Dremel. Of course, you can customize it to say anything you like.

15. Etched Wooden Spoons

A thin tip and some creativity are all you need to make these one-of-a-kind wooden spoons. They make great gifts and only take a few minutes to make.

16. Hollowed Rock Jewelry

By completely hollowing out a rock, you can fill the cavity with smaller stones, creating a completely customized piece of jewelry that anyone will love wearing.

17. CD Backsplash

This looks hard, but by cutting and smoothing bits of old CDs, you have the makings of a truly unique backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom.

18. Feather Wind Chime

If you have an old coffee can lying around, you can easily make this feather and chime. Won’t it look fantastic hanging in your backyard?

19. Christmas Ornaments

Bring new life to your holiday tree with these christmas ornaments. Use any color you like for the look you want. Dremel projects have never been this fun before!

20. chopping Boards

Use your carving bit to create a customized chopping board for everyone in your life. You can carve just a bit of the board or the whole thing. This is one of those Dremel projects that gives you lots of freedom for the finished product.

21. Constellation Box

This tiny wooden box has a sweet star carving on it and is the ideal place to keep small trinkets, jewelry or coins.

So that was our selection of Dremel Projects to inspire you. Are you impressed? Did you know you could make so many cool things with your Dremel? We hope you have many hours of fun creating unique crafts with your Dremel.

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