Recommended Gear

We have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing the best wood carving gear on the market.  These items are wood-tested and can be recommended without any equivocation.

Keep in mind, however, that these items are not necessarily all the highest-end items.  My goal on this page is to recommend gear that is priced really well while still maintaining a high-quality standard.  

This is the stuff I use.

Best Wood Carving Set - How To Start With This Great Hobby

Best Wood Carving Set: How to Start With This Great Hobby

You decided it’s time to try your hand at wood carving, or you’re a novice that’s coming back to get a better grip on what ...
Best Whittling Knife - A Must-Have Tool

Best Whittling Knife: A Must-Have Tool

Every skill has its most fundamental tool required to carry out the simplest of tasks. For wood carving, that’s the whittling knife. From humble beginnings ...