What is the difference between whittling and carving?

Although they are somewhat similar, whittling is different from carving in a couple of aspects. In fact, whittling is just one of the many different forms of wood-carving.

Whittling: This method of carving is carried out best using a whittling knife. This technique of carving typically displays smaller designs with harsher lines. Whittling is different from carving since you normally use a single instrument, causing the carving to be less detailed and have rougher edges. This is a great place to start, without spending too much, for those who want to explore the world of wood-carving. Many people whittle as a way to pass time whereas, a few find it to be quite therapeutic!

Whittling by using only a single knife

Relief Carving: This was a very popular style used all over Europe. This type of technique is used for carving designs on doors or hanging art. This is achieved on a flat panel by sculpting three-dimensional figures without removing them from the panel. This kind of woodworking takes years of dedicated practice and is ideally recommended for more experienced woodworkers, don’t worry, you too can reach this stage with enough experience and guidance.


A Carving Relief Product Made By Using a CNC Wood Router Machine

Chip Carving: This style is quite similar to relief carving-the the same method of removing bits of wood from the surface is mostly same-but chip carving is performed using different tools, and the result looks very different as well. Chip carving is best achieved with a chisel and is a technique used for making pieces of wood that are patterned and textured. Chip carving usually carries out a geometrical pattern by directing the chisel to cut out small chips of wood, unlike the highly rounded and complex figures seen in relief carving.

A Beautiful Chip Carving Pattern

Letter Carving: Typically, letter carving is carved into the surface of a woodblock. A gouge tool or a small chisel is needed for such type of carving. This carving option is ideal, although it may take a few attempts to get the hang of, for both beginners and more experienced woodworkers. If you try this technique, before you give it a serious shot, it is best to practice on scrap wood. To create a reference for yourself, you can also draw or trace your design on the wood first.

Letter Carving on a Wooden Block

Carving in the Round: It is basically a combination of whittling and relief carving, you can think of carving in the round. It’s more polished and refined, like that of relief carving. However, unlike relief carving, this style of carving is intended to produce an item that can be seen from anyway, however, relief carvings are seen only from the head-on place, as are flat. This is a great way for beginners to start their journey with woodcarving!

Beautiful Art of carving in the round