What tools to do you need for carving

Wood carving is an art that has been around for thousands of years. Especially in the middle ages, we find the most intricate and sophisticated pieces which were handcrafted. The craftsmen in those days were both extremely talented and hardworking.

Although wood carving has been around for such a long time, there have been some significant changes, like with the invention and use of latest technologies, now we have electric carving tools and machinery which make even the trickiest and most intricate designs to carve out, a piece of cake. Along with these advances, there are some basic tools that are a must-have for woodcarvers. Such tools and equipment are listed below:

  1. Knives
  2. Gouges
  3. Chisels and Mallets
  4. Rotary tooltips
  5. Electric Carving equipment
  6. Safety equipment



Knives are among the basic tools a woodcarver requires. For both safety reasons and since they are usually simpler to handle than longer knives, narrower blades are preferred for beginners. A chip carving blade is a perfect tool, to begin with. They are very flexible and can be used for more than simply geometric carving. Knives are meant to level out the craft’s edgy surfaces and cut off little wood shards. Be sure to inspect the grips or you will have problems directing the blade against the grain.

Set of Sharp Knives Ready to Carve


There are a few various kinds of gouges around, but they all do almost the same task. This tool reaches into the log, much as it looks, and extracts tiny wood clumps. You can find gouges with spoons, gouges with V, and gouges with U. Although V gouges produce more precise and angular cuts, spoon gouges scoop out wood clumps. The most preferred gouge for the new and inexperienced is the U gouge. There is a number to pick from, each with a definite and distinct length and curvature.

A Beautiful Set of Gouges

Chisels and Mallets:

Chisels are utilized almost solely for wood scraping, or cutting tiny angled bits of wood, apart from the chip carving knife, which may be employed for all sorts of carving. In every simple wood-carving tool set, chisels are a regular. 

Mallets are normally made of rubber or wood, together these tools make great designs.

A set of Bench Chisels

Mallet Set

Rotary Tool Tips:

Rotary tools may provide detail and depth. Many rotary instruments are fairly cheap and easy to buy. When it comes to these types of instruments, you don’t need to pay anything to get a decent model. The best kind of rotary tip tool to give your project a fine and furnished appearance is a sanding drum.

Best Rotary Tools for Giving a Finished Look

Electric Carving Equipment:

While electric carving is not always required to produce a stunning wood carving, hand tools such as the ones described above can be used to complement them. You may consider this to be a perfect way to add a little flair to the typical wood-carving method if you have experience with power tools.

Electric Carving Set

Safety Equipment:

Carvers need to protect your eyes, as with any wood carving project. Keep out wood chips and sawdust by using lightweight safety goggles. You also might need to spend it on a ventilator or a basic dust mask while you’re sanding (like using an electric sander or rotary tool). Another fantastic wood-carving investment is gloves for home designs. They are usually made of mesh steel, a kind of slice-proof glove that shields hands from the different carving instruments you are going to handle.

Protective eyewear for carving
Cut Resistant Carving Gloves

These were some of the most commonly used tools for carving. it’s not necessary that you use all of them at the same time, but you’ll need most of them frequently.

If u intend to be a good carver choose your tools wisely, and practice more and more, as there is an old saying:

Practice makes man Perfect


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